The Case for Sharing Incident Data Between Organisations

The aviation industry has been sharing de-identified incident data for many years to spot common and potentially dangerous issues in aircrafts. 

At Continuum, we believe that numerous other industries could also benefit from shared incident data to avoid serious incidents and injuries by learning from the experiences of others. This is especially true for smaller businesses that do not have significant funding to back in-depth investigation and analysis that larger organisations can fully undertake.

Continuum offers customised and cost-effective online safety training for businesses to ensure Australian Workplace Health and Safety regulations are met, and we can help your organisation with our incident data-sharing platform, which is currently in development. 

Streamlined Data-Sharing Solutions

Organisations would have access to detailed benchmarks and statistics relating to specific equipment and industry-specific incidents. However, the main challenge is that the data must be totally de-identified due to the sensitivity of the data. This is because organisations do not want to publicise any of their security or safety breaches.

An open technology platform that can handle the de-identification process, and perhaps automatically collect data from organisations, would make this tricky task much easier. This is where Continuum comes in. We provide tech solutions for health, safety, and environment. We have looked into building such a platform and have UI mockups to showcase our vision.

The OSDEX Platform

Our proposed platform, called OSDEX, would allow for smooth sharing of incident data between organisations in a secure, de-identified manner. The platform would use open technology, making it accessible to organisations of all sizes. With OSDEX, organisations could easily analyse their data to identify security trends and areas for improvement, as well as gauge their performance against industry peers.

Not only would OSDEX help organisations improve their safety standards, but it would also provide valuable insights for instating more regulation. By analysing incident data across multiple organisations and industries, regulators could identify emerging safety issues and take action to address them before they become more serious and potentially dangerous.

Enquire Today

At Continuum, we are committed to making work environments safer for everyone. OSDEX is just one of the many solutions we are working on to help organisations achieve this necessary goal. Send us your enquiry today to learn more about how OSDEX and our other tech solutions can keep your organisation safe. We welcome your feedback and input on how this platform could benefit your organisation. 
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