Improve Site Safety with eLearning

When it comes to contractor and employee WHS training, most companies overlook the importance of online training and eLearning. Organisations often consider eLearning useful only for initial training and then abandon it in favor of conventional in-person training, or no additional training at all.

This is a missed opportunity. Rather than using it for one simple training session, eLearning is a great way to continuously engage and educate your workers and meet Australian WHS regulations in a cost-effective way. At Continuum, we have seen our clients use online learning programs to great effect to promote a more knowledgeable and safer working environment. This is due in part to the use of microlearning training sessions, which allow employees to retain more information through strategic, continual, bite-size lessons, and can provide ongoing exposure to critical safety and policy information.
Bite-size training (or Microlearning) can also include task-specific training, reminders of important safety training concepts, or testing of employees’ understanding of safety policies through quizzes.

Better Learning Means a Safer Workspace

At Continuum, we know how critical it is for workers to be genuinely competent and not just familiar with a few rudimentary policies. Introducing a large amount of important policy information to employees at once and expecting them to digest and remember everything simply isn’t reasonable—especially with technology shortening everyone’s attention spans and retention ability. However, by using eLearning, training can be engaging and interactive with quizzes, videos, and other interactive modules which can make the training much more effective. With the use of interactive content, employees and contractors are more likely to remember what they have learned and to apply it on the job.

Another key benefit of using eLearning is electronic record of completion, enabling organisations to easily track who has completed training and when, making it easier to ensure that all employees and contractors are properly trained and qualified to work on the site. Reports required for compliance and competency can be automatically generated, avoiding spending time on creating complex spreadsheets.

Regardless of your organisation's size, the scalability of online learning makes it an incredibly valuable tool for training a large number of employees and contractors at once, without having to worry about coordinating schedules or finding a suitable location to hold the training. This is crucial for organisations with a substantial workforce across multiple sites, where consistent communication and employee alignment is vital to maintaining a safe and efficient workplace environment.

Create eLearning Courses Tailored to Your Industry

Continuum is proud to offer high quality ready-to-use training courses covering Workplace Health & Safety topics such as "Correct Use of PPE," "Slips, Trips, and Falls," "Isolation and Tagging," "Working in Extreme Weather," and "Back Injury Prevention", as well as affordable course creation services. Deployed through your own or through our partner eLearning platform, these courses help ensure worker competency and reduce the risk of workplace injuries and claims.

Continuum's online learning solutions provide a cost-effective and efficient way to streamline workplace WHS training within your organisation. Our interactive and engaging course creation services and comprehensive catalogue of training programs leave us confident that our solutions can perfectly address your employee training requirements. We fully recognize something as significant as workplace education keeps employees safe and enables your organisation to thrive now and well into the future. Get in touch with us to explore how Continuum can assist you with ensuring a secure and productive environment in your workplace.
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